DIZPOT Packaging Announces Laura Sidney as Interim CEO – A Marked Step for Leadership Diversity and Innovative Strategy

In an exciting paradigm shift, DIZPOT, a global leader in cannabis packaging and logistics, proudly appoints Laura Sidney as Interim CEO. The decision marks a significant milestone as DIZPOT celebrates the role of a female leader steering the future of a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Laura Sidney brings two decades of experience advising Fortune 500 companies, a record of accomplishment that speaks to her strategic acumen and a visionary approach to industry challenges. Her journey to the top of DIZPOT symbolizes not just personal triumph but also the collective rise of women in executive roles. Sidney’s ability to simplify complex business problems and foster collaboration is instrumental in her position.

John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck, the co-founders of DIZPOT, express unanimous confidence in Sidney’s capabilities. “Laura’s appointment as Interim CEO is not only a testament to her undeniable prowess in strategic planning and operations,” says Hartsell, “but also sets a new precedent for leadership within our sector.”

Scrabeck adds, “Laura has an exceptional ability to challenge the status quo. We’re excited to support her vision for DIZPOT’s future and are confident in our continued growth with her at the helm.”

Reflecting on her new role, Sidney comments, “One of my many aspirations is to embrace the fast pace of DIZPOT culture; maximize our position as leaders in our industry; live by our 3 core values (Old School Service, No Hesitation, and the Golden Rule) and empower our extremely talented team to continue reaching new heights.”

An advocate of proactive ambition, Sidney shares a philosophy that has gotten her where she is today: “Stretch early and often in your ambition! Don’t wait until you feel 100% ready for the next step; chances are, you know more than you think and are more ready than you feel.”

Sidney recalls the recent DIZPOT company retreat where, regardless of hierarchy, each stakeholder shared a collective interest for setting tangible and achievable goals. The team was able to solve in two days what would have taken other organizations months to achieve. Drawing from this unity and engagement and how productive each conversation was, Sidney is poised to lead DIZPOT to unprecedented growth and success.


DIZPOT is a trailblazing packaging and logistics company catered to the cannabis industry, offering innovative, compliant solutions for businesses looking to thrive amidst the dynamic regulatory landscapes. With a commitment to quality, customer service, and sustainability, DIZPOT is dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving the industry forward.


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