CMES Robotics Inc. Continues Global Expansion With Opening of North American Operations

Industries from automotive, logistics, manufacturing and packaging are all faced with a critical labor crunch. Automation, particularly robotic automation is seen by industries experts as the best means to overcome the labor shortage as well as provide the additional benefits of improved efficiencies and cost reductions.

The use of robot’s can free workers from repetitive tasks, allowing them to handle more critical tasks. CMES Robotics AI gives Robots eyes and a brain to accomplish tasks such as “Void-Filling” and “Palletization/De-Palletization” more efficiently than a human could during a normal work shift.

Using a 3D sensor and image processing algorithm, CMES Void-Filling solution offers accurate measurement of the empty volume in a packing box and can work with any existing void fill machine.

With built-in robot vision and AI algorithm, CMES Palletization solutions reportedly enables a robot to grasp randomly placed packages from any pallet or conveyor. It is compatible with popular industrial robotic arms including Fanuc, Kuka, Kawasaki, Universal Robots and ABB.

CMES Robotics Inc. is an enabling technology that allows systems integrators to expand its capability within its client base. As such, CMES is dedicated to a 100 percent in-direct go to market strategy and has already secured its first two “Void Filling” clients through its partner ecosystem.

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