Charter Next Generation Invests in Marine Plastic Pollution Clean-up Efforts

Charter Next Generation (CNG), a sustainability leader and independent North American plastic film producer, is investing in the Plastic Flamingo (PLAF) to assist in their efforts to tackle marine plastic pollution in the Philippines.

According to CNG, 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste are generated in the Philippines each year with about 20 percent ending up in the ocean. An estimated 163 million pieces of single-use plastics known as multilayer sachets are consumed daily in the Philippines. With over 17 billion plastics being thrown away in the ocean every year, the Philippines represents the third largest plastic waste-producing country in the world, after China and Indonesia.

Due to the investment by CNG, PLAF will continue to take on the challenge of collecting and recycling 100 tons per year of ocean-bound plastic waste over the next three years in the Philippines, resulting in the removal of over 300 tons of waste. This plastic waste consists of mostly flexible plastics and single-use multilayered plastic packaging which are considered the most difficult to recycle and have little to no value.

Over the course of the three-year project, PLAF will gather sachets and other plastic waste from their various collection points throughout Metro Manila, focusing heavily on residential communities. The waste collected by PLAF will be recycled into eco-boards which can then be used for home and office construction, as well as furniture manufacturing.

As a result of CNG’s sponsorship, seven new factory jobs will be created for the duration of the three-year project, as well as the construction of a new recycled material sorting area, that will include a sorting shed and various sorting lines that will serve as an upgrade to PLAF’s current working conditions for local factory employees.

Tackling marine plastic pollution is a global responsibility, that must be addressed at the source according to CNG, and as a leading producer of sustainable specialty film and flexible packaging solutions, CNG is actively facilitating a low-waste circular economy. Learn more at  PLAF is a social enterprise that is actively involved in each step of the recycling process, from collecting, sorting, and shredding to recycling and turning waste into new, durable products. Learn more at

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