Calyx Containers’ New Glass Family Offers the Industry’s Highest Levels of Sustainability, Freshness, and ‘Brandability’

Calyx Containers announced at MJBizCon a new family of square glass cannabis containers that establish new standards for sustainability, product freshness, and packaging aesthetics. Made of premium German glass, the containers were specifically designed to be ecologically responsible, compliant to strict regulations, and efficient for processing and storing cannabis products from seed to sale.

This new container family includes clear and opal glass products that are made of pharmaceutical-grade glass. The clear glass includes 56 percent post-consumer recycled material. Calyx Containers’ unique bi-injection lid technology produces only 0.1 percent of waste.

Its manufacturing process reportedly allows for the entire container to be recycled, including the cap, so consumers can reuse and recycle the glass bases and plastic caps rather than having to sort and filter recyclable parts vs. non-recyclable parts. The containers are also treated with an organic additive that enhances the speed of microbial decomposition.

Calyx Containers’ lid technology also preserves product freshness. Bi-injection molded gaskets consistently and reliably reseal after repeated use, locking out oxygen, moisture, and light. The jars retain cannabis terpenes better, preserving the flavor, effects, and potency longer, with minimal product loss.

Featuring the cannabis industry’s first square neck opening, the new jars benefit dispensaries and wholesalers with easier access, use, and quicker filling. Unlike conventional round-neck jars, Calyx’s new concentrate jars feature a unique square top with rounded internal corners that allow consumers to extract and enjoy every bit of product.

The square glass family was designed with regulatory compliance, arthritis assistance, and ergonomics in mind. The containers are CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Certified as child-resistant, meet ASTM standards for accessibility, and incorporate anti-rotation locks and an audible click for closure confirmation. Yet Calyx’s unique pinch and pull cover mechanism makes it effortless to open and shut, even for senior consumers and those with dexterity limitations.

The new product line includes:

  • The Calyx Jar – A resealable glass jar that will increase the shelf life for retail flower products, preserve the terpenes, and elevate the dispensary’s/wholesaler’s branding. The jar is both child-resistant and, with the use of a shrink band or sticker, tamper evident;
  • 4mL Clear – A small square jar designed for .5- to 1-gram size of concentrates, extracts, and topicals. A key benefit of its resealable lid is that because less air is trapped inside after resealing, products stay fresh, potent, and preserved; and
  • 7mL Opal – A small square jar designed for concentrates, extracts, and topicals, protected with special opal-colored opaque glass. The 7mL Opal features Calyx’s high-quality preservation technology paired with accessible internal geometry for easy, safe use. The unique polished glass also offers more options for creative packaging and branding.

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