API Group Provides the Perfect Finish for VIA Alliance™ Brands

Brand empowerment specialist API Group (apigroup.com) will enhance Haney’s creative and technical packaging offering, as part of a collaborative partnership.

Haney (haneyprc.com), a specialist in packaging prototyping, has welcomed API to its VIA Alliance™ program, opening new opportunities for the Haney’s consumer packaged goods clients across the US. API is a leading manufacturer and distributer of foils, laminates, and holographic materials, which create premium packaging solutions for brands across a range of industry sectors. These include drinks and spirits, confectionary, tobacco, perfumery, cosmetics, and health care.

Haney’s VIA Alliance™ program provides access to the latest intelligence and innovation in packaging solutions by working with best-in-class packaging manufacturers.

Brands in the consumer-packaged goods space, which seek out Haney for their prototyping, small-batch sales samples, and e-commerce packaging, are afforded access to the VIA library, which now includes API’s expansive selection of finishes and technologies.

“We understand the power of cooperation and by working in partnership with like-minded companies like Haney, we have the opportunity to offer more value to our customers.

“This exposure alongside other world-class companies, opens the door for us to work with designers on the creation of disruptive and stand-out packaging solutions.

“In addition to being proud of our products, we have always had confidence in our creative and technical capabilities, and we have elevated these further to help inspire brand owners and designers when it comes to packaging,” says Richard Burhouse, Commercial Director at API Group.

Under the VIA Alliance™ program brands will have access to API’s complete portfolio of products. This includes its latest solution developments, which combine a range of foils, laminates, and holographic effects designed to maximize visual impact both on and off shelf for brands.

API’s industry-leading Transmet™ product, a film-free alternative to traditional Metpol cardboard laminates that is fully recyclable, will also be available through the program.

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