Annual E-commerce Study Pinpoints U.S. Consumers’ Post-Pandemic Shopping Expectations

According to Dotcom Distribution’s eighth annual e-commerce study, packaging is a major driver for the post-pandemic online shopper.

The study of 1,150 U.S. online shoppers explores trends and patterns across purchase behavior, omnichannel, packaging, shipping, returns and sustainability, also taking a deeper look at beauty and luxury consumers. According to this latest research, here are eight key factors shaping the e-commerce packaging landscape:

  1. 66% of consumers cite eco-friendly packaging as the sustainability factor most likely to make them shop with a brand, outweighing fuel-efficient transportation methods and ethical sourcing.
  2. 43% of consumers value eco-friendly practices (sustainable packaging, fuel-efficiency, ethical sourcing) over purchases supporting charitable initiatives when deciding who to give their business to.
  3. When presented with premium packaging: 34% of consumers say they’re compelled to shop with a brand again, 41% get more excited about opening the package, 51% are inclined to think a brand is more upscale.
  4. 26% said receiving a package with eco-friendly packaging would make them more likely to share photos or videos of the product on social media, with 30% saying gift-like packaging would do so.
  5. When asked what factors would make them more likely to shop with a brand again, consumers credited sustainable packaging above free product samples, swag (stickers, keychains, etc.), personal notes and premium packaging experiences.
  6. What’s most likely to make a customer scan a QR code on e-commerce packaging? 28% said when it enters them into contests or giveaways; 26% said when it provides personalized offers based on past purchases; 22% said when it tells them about the origin, ingredients and carbon footprint of the items.
  7. Of the 81% of consumers who prefer to receive items in boxes rather than bags, 32% specifically credit the preference with boxes being more eco-friendly.
  8. Premium packaging leaves luxury shoppers with a positive impression: 47% say it makes them more excited to open the package, 44% say it makes the brand seem more upscale, and 42% saying it makes them more likely to purchase from a brand again.

The full study can be downloaded for free here. For more information about Dotcom Distribution, visit

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