Accredo Packaging and Fresh-Lock Collaborate to Launch a More Sustainable and Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch

The API Group and its subsidiary Accredo Packaging, a manufacturer of more sustainable packaging solutions in the food and consumer products markets, collaborates with the Fresh-Lock team at Presto Products, a business of Reynolds Consumer Products, to introduce a first-of-its-kind flexible stand-up pouch utilizing more than 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content fit for food packaging throughout the package.

Coupling Fresh-Lock’s Child-Guard® slider technology and the AccredoFlex range of recycled content films results in an unmatched percentage of recycled content in both the film and the zipper closure, pushing the limits of what’s possible in food packaging with recycled content. The collaboration offers a child-resistant track that contains at least 25% PCR material while maintaining dependable protection and a recyclable child-safe closure.

“Collaboration is crucial in driving the circular economy forward, so we are thrilled to join forces with the Fresh-Lock team at Presto to introduce this flexible stand-up pouch,” says Jonathan Quinn, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability at API Group and Accredo Packaging. “The future of the circular economy hinges on incorporating recycled content and being able to do so across all consumer packaged goods markets.”

“The PCR component is critical if true circularity in packaging is going to work,” says Todd Meussling, Fresh-Lock Senior Manager Market Development. “Flexible packaging continues to make great strides in sustainability beyond just the source reduction benefits from rigids. We’re seeing the shift from multi-material structures to mono-material options that can be recycled or composted.”

The focus of the collaboration between Accredo and Presto provides a new standard for recycled content incorporation, embracing both safety and sustainability. This initiative underscores both companies’ commitments to progressing toward circular solutions.


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