TurboFil Introduces Lineup of Semi- and Fully-Automatic Vial Crimping Machines

TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has introduced a lineup of semi- and fully automatic vial crimping machines.

Offering a clean, consistent crimp for the full gamut of manufacturing applications – from R&D through scale-up and large-batch production – the CrimpTech series utilizes a four-jaw collet approach to ensure safe, dependable sealing.

TurboFil’s crimpers can reportedly handle vials in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and feature easy, toolless changeover for simplified operation and minimized downtime. The fully automatic version can process up to 50 containers per minute, with caps fed via a stainless steel vibratory feeder. The unit’s novel approach to cap placement and crimping ensures each item is stopper-tamped prior to crimping for a reliably level seal.

Each unit in the CrimpTech series provides low particle generation – a key facet for crimping equipment. The three-model lineup includes:

  • The CrimpTech Benchtop is a semi-automatic unit whose ability to be placed under laminar flow hoods makes it ideal for aseptic and cleanroom applications. Suitable especially for R&D and pre-production efforts, the lightweight, fully portable unit is simple to maintain and exceedingly cost-effective;
  • The CrimpTech Standalone is an automatic tabletop module where pre-stoppered vials enter and exit via tray. The reliable unit reportedly offers fast, simple collet changeover for different cap styles or, for vials of various diameters, fast star wheel replacement; and
  • The CrimpTech In-line is an automatic crimper that can connect to various other units along a packaging line. Like the automatic Standalone, the In-line also reportedly offers fast, simple collet changeover for different cap styles or, for vials of various diameters, fast star wheel replacement.

In addition to the CrimpTech Series, TurboFil also can incorporate its distinctive approach to crimping into a variety of other packaging equipment designed by the company.

For more information, visit https://www.turbofil.com.

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