The World’s Most Sustainable Plant Milk Company Debuts New Look & Updated Packaging

JOI, the rapidly growing clean label food company, is further shaping the alternative milk category with the announcement of its brand refresh and shift to 100 percent sustainable packaging.

With the mission of empowering consumers to take control of their plant-based ingredients by providing sustainable, whole food solutions that they can feel good about, JOI is reinvigorating its brand to deliver on each of these promises with unmatched sustainability and design updates that reflect the optimum nutrition and versatility that the range of products offers.

By creating plant milk concentrates, JOI can reportedly offer a dramatically longer shelf life than its competitors and exponentially reduces the need to ship heavy water weight across the country, thereby reducing food waste from spoilage and cutting down on carbon emissions. The transition of all JOI product packaging to 100 percent recyclable glass jars and fully compostable pouches is a major step for the company as it works towards a zero-waste carbon footprint.

The new ecological glass jar packaging is available in five regular and USDA Certified Organic varieties of plant milk concentrate bases including: Almond, Organic Almond, Cashew, Organic Cashew and Hazelnut Cashew Oat Creamer. The compostable pouches for the JOI Oat Milk Powder are the first ever dairy alternative packaging that will completely decompose and are safe for home and community composting where accepted.

One glass jar of JOI Plant Milk Concentrate makes up to seven quarts of plant-based milk, while the compostable pouch makes a gallon of plant-based milk, significantly reducing the amount of packaging that regular milk cartons would require for the same amount.

With the transition to new packaging also comes a refreshing new look, featuring bright, fun colors and an updated brand logo, designed to reflect the emotion of JOI and creativity sparked when using the products.

JOI’s revolutionary line of shelf-stable plant milk and creamer bases are made with whole, all natural ingredients, with zero preservatives or added sugar, and are certified as 100 percent non-GMO, gluten-free, and Whole30 approved.

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