Tekni-Plex Consumer Products Introduces New Foam Polypropylene Processor Tray for Fresh Food

Tekni-Plex Consumer Products is expanding its product line to include foam polypropylene processor trays for fresh food products such as meat, poultry, pork, fruits and vegetables – diversifying material offerings for this category. The announcement was made in advance of the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, January 25-27.

Foam polypropylene (recycling code 5) has many attractive benefits for the food industry. The material is durable, lightweight, heat-resistant, and FDA approved for direct food contact. Foam polypropylene is also a drop-in replacement for common foam polystyrene trays, so there is no need for businesses to take on the extra work or cost required to retool packing equipment.

Like foam polystyrene (recycling code 6), foam polypropylene requires less material to create high-quality products using minimal resources. When compared to solid PET trays, for example, foam polypropylene weighs half as much.

About Tekni-Plex Consumer Products

Dolco Packaging is part of the Tekni-Plex Consumer Products Division and is a leading manufacturer of foam polystyrene, molded pulp, and PET containers for the egg, agricultural, food, and food service markets. With five manufacturing facilities across the United States, Dolco Packaging is the number one supplier of foam egg cartons domestically. For more information, visit www.tekni-plex.com/dolco.

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