Sidel StarLITE HPC: A New Base Solution to Increase the Stability of Flat PET and rPET Containers

Sidel is introducing the StarLITETM HPC base. The new, oval bottle base alternative for flat PET containers helps achieve optimum performance and can also comply with recycled PET (rPET) up to 100 percent. The new bottle base not only increases container stability by up to 25 percent, but also optimises bottle weight and energy consumption, reducing production costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with a quick payback.

The new geometry of the completely flat StarLITE HPC base is cleverly structured. Its new anti-rocking design is based on a 360-degree continuous contact surface which improves tilt angle and may be combined with structural ribs and oval push-up.

This oval shape reportedly achieves an optimum performance level, drastically improving empty or filled container stability by up to 25 percent. This helps increase production uptime, with better container stability on conveyors in comparison with existing major flat PET container bases.

Applicable for both opaque and transparent PET resins, the StarLITE HPC base reportedly offers wide containers opportunities and is perfectly compliant with rPET up to 100 percent. The smart, asymmetric, structured base design improves material distribution, prevents unexpected base roll-out and contributes to lightweighting opportunities. The enhanced base cooling engineering for mould and tooling design improves base cooling during blow moulding and may prevent post-mould base cooling according to bottle shape, format and weight.

Thanks to its design, the StarLITE HPC base is easy to blow and reduces blow moulding pressure by up to 10 percent. It also makes it possible to push the process speed limit even further and to increase production output up to 15 percent higher than the market average.

This StarLITE HPC is compatible with all generations of Sidel blow moulding machines: SBO EvoBLOW, SBO Universal, SBO Series2 and SBO Series1.

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