Schreiner MediPharm Develops “Freeze-Lock Cryo Label for Frozen Medications

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of innovative functional label solutions for the healthcare industry, has developed Freeze-Lock, a cryo label that permanently withstands the sub-zero storage and transport temperatures.

Cryo labels are needed for many cell and gene therapy medications or clinical trials – including those for COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The new solution comprises two interlocking label layers that ensure reliable adhesive strength and product information readability.

Due to the specialty two-component label design as well as the materials and adhesives used, the Freeze-Lock cryo label reliably adheres to the frozen container, ensuring important product information is not lost. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers as well as clinical research personnel can benefit from a customized and efficient marking solution for frozen medications – one adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Schreiner MediPharm’s Freeze-Lock label consists of two components: a bottom and top label. First, the bottom label layer with a specialty microfine surface texture is applied to the empty, non-refrigerated container at room temperature. Next, the container is filled with the active ingredient and immediately cooled down for storage at subzero temperatures utilizing dry ice (negative 78 degrees Celsius / negative 108.4 degrees Fahrenheit) or liquid nitrogen (negative 196 degrees Celsius / negative 320.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

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