Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapper with Conveyance – RTC

Orion’s Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper with Conveyance is the ideal solution for easy integration with 18-inch pass-height conveyors due to its compact size, affordability, and the option to expand with additional conveyance.

The RTC is fully automatic and attaches the stretch film at the cycle start, cutting it at the end. The forklift operator simply places the pallet-load on the infeed conveyor and pulls a lanyard switch while moving away to collect the next load. This design increases employee safety by removing them from proximity of the moving rotary arm.

Using your pre-determined specifications, the machine will wrap the load using the Orion InstaThread film carriage with 260 percent standard pre-stretch for maximum stability and load retention. Film force to load control is automatic, performing like cruise control, so the film constantly adapts to the load shape, size, and machine operating speed, resulting in minimal film breaks at maximum stretch. The load is automatically conveyed on to the exit conveyor for pickup, or to continue down your existing conveyor.

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