Pro Pack Solutions®, Inc. Specializes in Packaging and Shipping Room Equipment

Pro Pack Solutions®, Inc. specializes in packaging and shipping room equipment. Our company motto is “We Tie It, Seal It, Lick It, and Stick It®!!!” Our range of products include adhesives, bag sealers, clam shell sealers, tape and label dispensers, gluers, markers, ink, shrink wrap, twist tying machines, tape, coding and marking equipment, and stenciling equipment.

As distributors for MSSC, we are proud to represent their quality products.


Marsh has established an international reputation for creating and delivering the proven solutions businesses need for item identification and shipping that leave lasting impressions.

From stenciling and taping to coding, marking and ink solutions, depend on the deep line of Marsh products and resources when you are ready to make your mark on your industry.



Marsh Fountain Rollers and Brushes can help you make quick work of the stenciling process by delivering ink impressions on a variety of surfaces without fading or flooding. Depend on these hard-working products for a productive stenciling experience, every time.



Make a Bold Impression.
For making a strong impression, wet, long-lasting marker ink withstands the rigors of even the most demanding applications and environments. Built specifically for industrial use, the outstanding quality of every Marsh Shipping Supply Co. product far surpasses any other marker available.

propack0915-7Valve Markers
Backed by over 50 years of proven performance, these workhorses last longer than other disposable markers because they contain more ink. No ink is wasted in our valve-operated markers as it flows uninterrupted through a hollow chamber, helping our markers stay wet for thousands of uses.

Capillary Markers
Specifically designed for demanding industrial and professional use, these markers contain a larger quantity of ink than ordinary capillary markers and feature an internal reservoir made of porous material soaked with ink. The ink is fed to the tip by capillary contact with the reservoir for maximum performance and lasting marks.


propack0915-9This industrial valve-activated marker is designed for specific and demanding applications, and features a refillable ink chamber. In addition, interchangeable round or chisel tips are available.

  • Valve-activated tip prevents ink dry out; eliminates wasted ink
  • Easy refill barrel holds large quantity of T grade inks
  • Kinks may be used
  • F8 chisel and F5 round tips available

Contact Marking

The Easy Way to Make Your Mark.

Looking for a quick and economical way to hand mark your shipment?

The Marsh contact marking printers, stencils, and inks can mark up to 100 cartons for very minimal cost – much less expensive than using labels that only mark one box each! Use the inked contact marking printers and attached stencil for shipment addressing, product identification, and even caution symbols! There are also stock and custom die cut stencils that allow you to choose an already designed stencil for your application, or supply us with artwork that we can reproduce on stencils. This system allows you to hand mark repeatable information for only pennies a shipment.


Use the POGO to mark all of your cartons on a pallet shipment!

Smooth Performance Under Pressure.

Our complete selection of proven pressure sensitive tapers are adaptable to a wide variety of applications to meet your specific needs. When it matters most, depend on the tapers and taping products that are always ready when the pressure is on.


The Marsh Tapers: Always Safe and Secure.

Marsh Tape Machines provide the security you are looking for by dispensing gummed tape effectively and efficiently. Marsh tape machines measure, dispense, moisten, and cut the water activated tape in a variety of lengths. Marsh Tapers and water activated tape provide not only the most secure carton closure, but also a tamper-evident, recyclable seal. Marsh Tape Machines have decades of proven reliability in the tape machine industry worldwide.


  • All metal uni-body chassis construction with high grade powder paint coating
  • Long lasting, high strength PBT enclosure
  • Built-in, all metal adjustable tape guides maintain tape roll for smooth tape flow, accurate cutting and less jamming
  • Hot plate style heater keeps water warm for better moistening and adherence of tape. Designed not to exceed recognized safety standards
  • Portable, yet sturdy, for easy use and maintenance
  • Durable – all components, inside and out, are proven to last even in some of the harshest environments


For almost 100 years, gummed tape is still the most secure method for sealing boxes.

If large catalog houses are sealing their cartons with water activated tape, maybe it’s time to consider using them in your organization.

  • No “Lost” tape guns to find
  • Seal cartons in one location
  • Only one piece of tape top and bottom

No Power Required.

All Marsh Coders come in indexing (spot printing) or non-indexing (continuous printing) styles and use a rib type die system. Character sets are sold separately.

Conveyor Line Printers and Mini Coders

  • Porous mounting configurations are field convertible for printing on the top, sides, or bottom of the product.
  • Non-porous coders are available in both top mounted styles for web printing and side mounted styles for cartons and other conveyed products.
  • When the ink capacity of the roll is depleted, the roll can be re-inked automatically during production by installing one of the disposable 4 oz (118 ml) reservoir ink cartridges.


Total Solution Smart-Jet PLUS Ink Jet Printer

Our new Smart-Jet Plus is the most compact, reliable, and robust inkjet coder for packaging printing on the market!

Smart-Jet uses HP technology for high resolution printing.



propack0915-15QM1610 Industrial DOD Printer

The Versatile Answer for Coding. Compact and automatic coding.

The QM1610 is a compact ink jet printer that provides high quality, reliable, and economical printing of one or two lines of text.

Easy to install and setup.


propack0915-16QM7500 Industrial DOD Ink Jet Printer Makes Coding Applications Simple.

Reliable, Proven Technology.™

The QM7500 single line printer is a “Mark in the Box” solution.

You get everything you need to begin printing in minutes.



Pro Pack Solutions, Inc.
P. O. Box 327
2421B Lance Court
Loganville, Georgia 30052

Ph (770) 554-1187 or (877) 776-7225
Fax (770) 554-8284 or (877) 329-7225

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