Onnit Labs’ New Alpha Brain Black Label Package Design Has Beauty and Brains

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the flow, in the zone, “on it.” That’s what Onnit Labs strives to deliver with its unique, effective, and innovative line of supplements, foods, and fitness equipment.

Onnit Labs’ newest high-performing product is its Alpha Brain Black Label supplement, launching mid-July. This ultra-premium variation of the company’s flagship product is designed for important occasions when peak cognitive performance is essential. The product reportedly supports the brain’s ability to function at the highest level when it comes to mood, memory, and focus.

To bring this new supplement to market, Onnit Labs teamed with Berlin Packaging and its Studio One Eleven in-house design division.

The team at Studio One Eleven knew this special product needed to differentiate from other Onnit Labs supplements as a super-premium alternative worthy of its higher price point. The team started by creating a minimal, uncluttered label design with clean typography and simple graphic elements that elevate the aesthetic beyond that of traditional supplements. An impactful metallic Onnit Labs logo was added to the cap to create stronger brand presence as well as added quality assurance.

Next, the designers developed a sleek cylindrical secondary packaging structure that mimics the shape of the bottle. The matte black tube opens like a gift to reveal the beautiful glass bottle inside, with interior silver foil details adding an element of surprise and luxury.

“We knew we had a product with fantastic effectiveness, formulated with uncompromising high-quality ingredients that warranted a complete premium customer experience that included best-in-class packaging unlike anything on the market,” said Keith Sivera, chief marketing officer, Onnit Labs. “That’s when we turned to Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven. From the moment we partnered with them, it was clear they would complete and deliver the product experience Alpha BRAIN Black Label deserved.”

For more information, visit https://www.berlinpackaging.com.

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