New Pouch Contract Packing Plant:

PPi Technologies Group In Sarasota, Florida have just opened the largest contract pouch packing facility for liquor pouches in North America. The Redi-2-DrinQ® facility has five packing and filling rooms, bonded and un-bonded warehousing for both bulk spirits and wines. The R2D plant can handle road containers and the plant capacity is a billion pouches a year. Filling is based on premade pouches with and without spouts and include the new patented BarrelPaQ™ wine pouch system that does not need a box. This package is the new alternative to the traditional wine bag-n-boxes available today.

The plant is very conscious of the environment and energy saving is crucial, water usage is at optimum and all plastic materials are sent to the garbage disposal, because in Florida the main power supplier FPL, has a dozen or more incinerators that welcome plastic [it has a higher calorific value than coal]and thus after incineration and energy recovery the pouch leaves no carbon dioxide footprint for the future generations to find. Think the end of landfills is a huge possibility!

The new facility also offers Chilling Rocks™ Natural Spring water in both 6 and 20 oz. StandUp pouches with child proof spout, packed 30 in a case [one for each day of the month] and the six extra pouches in a case is another environmental benefit.

The premade pouch fill-seal machinery used in the plant is all supplied from the next door PGS facility also owned By PPi Technologies Group, who sell SN Machinery form-fill-fitment-cap high speed systems including the Ultra-Clene™ USDA/3A model for dairy type products, PSG LEE premade pouch fill-seal and PSG ACE fitment and cap machinery. The R2D plant is equipped with the latest machinery available and has full quality control procedures are in place.

The new plant also sells the patented CarboPouch™ with tap, for draft beers to replace the heavier glass Growler version and in addition to convenience for the user they can be taken onto beaches with little problem for the environment.

The future expansion plans call for a new several story high warehouse for handling finished packages and global distribution adjacent to the new facility.

[PPi Technologies Group is the largest supplier of StandUp pouch machinery in the USA and the industry leader as regards new innovations in pouch technology. Coming in 2014 is KoolPaQ™ a new cylindrical pouch that remains standing until empty, SoaPaQ™ a new meter pump system for personal care and Dip-N-Rinz™ pouches for the tobacco industry ranging from chewing to medicinal cannabis products.]


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