New Cup Filler from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

Cleaner design and faster changeovers are just two of the many benefits of the new Cup Filler from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery (

The Cup Filler designed for dispensing free-flowing dry products such as beans, pet food, snacks, rice and candy accurately and efficiently, comes with a new solid machined-aluminum base design with no openings and fewer fasteners. This engineering improvement eliminates unnecessary catch points and reduces the chance of ingredients and materials collecting around the base for a more cleanable design.

Another primary benefit of the Cup Filler is faster changeovers, thanks to the new open design of the cup holder plate that simply allows cups to slide out. Instead of operators devoting 15 minutes to remove inserts from the carrier plate, reinstall inserts and properly align them, the new Cup Filler allows changeovers to be accomplished in as little as five minutes.

Features and benefits of the new Cup Filler include:

  • Dependable servo drive system and minimal number of parts for less maintenance and more uptime
  • Quickly accommodates a wide range of fill weights up to 20 pounds with fast changeovers
  • Small footprint enables the filler to fit in tight filling spaces that scales cannot
  • Easily interfaces with other packaging equipment
  • Adapts to a range of applications from hand-fill up to 150 fills per minute

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