Nature’s Baby Organic Switches to Eco-Friendly, Child-Safe Aluminum Packaging

Nature’s Baby, manufacturer of hypoallergenic, green, gluten-free, and cruelty-free baby products, has taken its eco-friendly commitment one step further with the release of aluminum packaging options for seven of its best-selling products.

Nature’s Baby is committed to eliminating or minimizing the use of harsh or suspect chemicals in baby bath and skincare products with formulations using the highest quality and most effective natural and organic ingredients. Keeping in line with its commitment to natural, eco-friendly practices, the company has long sought to minimize use of plastic packaging from its line-up, due to the difficulties in recycling and its extensive breakdown period.

One hundred percent recyclable for an infinite number of cycles, aluminum packaging is typically made of 68 percent post recycled materials and it takes just 8 percent of the energy to produce recycled aluminum as it does to create new aluminum, leaving far less used waste in landfills. While pricier than plastic or glass, aluminum is light and shatter proof, making it the perfect choice for Nature’s Baby packaging.

“Nature’s Baby is committed to create formulas that are effective, eco-friendly, and safe for children and our environment and this commitment extends to our packaging,” said Nicole Williams, operations manager, Nature’s Baby. “We’re happy to announce this switch to aluminum – a material we can feel good about putting on the shelf, in our customers’ homes, and into the recycling bin.”

Nature’s Baby has made the switch to aluminum packaging for three of its most popular shampoos, three conditioners, and one baby lotion, including the eight-ounce versions of its Vanilla Tangerine, Coconut Pineapple, and Lavender Chamomile Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Detangler as well as its eight-ounce Face & Body Moisturizer.

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