Mondi and Hazeleger Kaas Launch Recyclable Cheese Packaging for Dutch Market

Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi, along with cheese packaging company Hazeleger Kaas and brand owner Westland Kaas, worked together to package the well-known Dutch Maaslander brand in EnvelopeForm, a new fully recyclable polypropylene (PP) mono-material packaging solution.

Most sliced cheese in the Netherlands is still packaged in mixed material film, which is difficult to recycle. This new packaging has a PP thermoforming top and bottom web, and a PP label instead of a paper label, so that the new solution can be recycled in its entirety. The solution has been certified as recyclable by the German institute cyclos-HTP.

Hazeleger has been committed to sustainability for more than two decades and has been certified by several institutions recognizing its commitment to operating in a socially responsible way. This commitment to sustainability also meant taking a look at their packaging.

“When we began the search for a new sustainable solution in 2018, our standards were already very high. In order for our cheese to stay fresh, the packaging had to have the same level of barrier protection as the previous film, and at a lighter weight,” said Andre Roeterdink, procurement manager, Hazeleger Kaas. “Mondi worked very closely with us to trial and test the best packaging solutions. Ultimately, the lighter film and improved product to packaging ratio meant we could reduce the amount of plastic used by 23 percent. This makes it possible for us to save 9.2 tonnes of plastic per year.”

“Using our customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, we knew that we could help Hazeleger find the optimal sustainable solution for their cheese,” said Peter Jagt, regional sales, BeNeLux Consumer Flexibles, Mondi. “The new mono-material film is recyclable, performs well on their machines and keeps the cheese slices fresh on shelves. This, along with our commitment to quality, made it possible to provide Hazeleger with a sustainable new solution.”

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