Matrix Demonstrates High Speed Packaging

At WestPack, Matrix Packaging Machinery (, a member of the ProMach family of brands, showcases the Morpheus, a continuous motion vertical form fill seal (vffs) machine that is ideal for a host of different environments and produces an extensive range of package formats at up to 200 units per minute. The Morpheus continuous motion machine is the most advanced in the company’s history in terms of overall speed, film handling, and lowest overall cost of ownership. Morpheus is ideal for thinner gauge films used for packaging coffee, snacks, spices, cheeses, dried fruit, and other dry products. In addition to thinner films, specialized sealing jaws enable the Morpheus to run thicker gauges that require longer dwell times for applications such as frozen, IQF, and fresh cut foods. AutoPro, a standard feature on the Morpheus, provides fast, accurate, and trouble-free changeover – faster by a minimum of 50% over typical vffs changeover times.

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