Horizontal Sleeve/Cartoner from PMI Boasts Speed, Versatility

Contract packagers and high-production CPG packaging lines can run multiple sizes of side-load sleeves or end-load cartons with the latest horizontal sleeve/cartoner from PMI Cartoning, Inc. (pmicartoning.com) The HS1-12 horizontal cartoner features a custom product in-feed system and accurate rotary sleeve/carton feeder that enables it to run various product sizes and types at speeds up to 160 sleeves/cartons per minute. An integral pusher head ensures gentle product handling and efficient loading, making the HS1-12 ideal for frozen meal and home meal replacement applications. Toolless, snap-in and snap-out change parts, digital position indicators from SIKO and Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and Panelview Plus HMI controls ensure quick changeover. An all-servo design features Allen-Bradley multi-axis Kinetix servos for increased uptime, simple operation and precise product handling.

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