Fabrizia Spirits Vodka Soda Packaging Honors the Company’s Italian Roots

Fabrizia Spirits was founded with a respect for “the old country” and the delicious Sicilian lemons that grow there. A 2003 trip to Italy turned out to be life-changing for owner Phil Mastroianni, who believes the old saying, “you don’t know where it is you’re going until you know where you came from.”

After discovering limoncello and inspired by his own family’s Italian history and traditions, Phil started making the lemon liqueur at home and quickly turned his passion into a successful business. Now Fabrizia Spirits has expanded into the booming ready-to-drink segment with its new line of vodka sodas made with real fruit juice.

For its latest venture, Fabrizia Spirits partnered with the team at Studio One Eleven to create beautiful packaging that celebrates the brand’s quality ingredients and authentic Italian roots.

The graphic designers started with hand-drawn fruit illustrations that reflect the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into each cocktail. They surround an organically-shaped blue seal that houses a simple brandmark, differentiating these sodas from the company’s other products. The white and blue color palette feels clean and refreshing, while color-coded flavor banners improve shoppability in the crowded ready-to-drink beverage aisle. Both the product – and its packaging – provide a little taste of Italy.

“Our brand is about family. It’s about Italian-American culture. It’s about all-natural ingredients and straight-forward simplicity. The Vodka Soda design perfectly incorporates all these things and really reflects the essence of our products,” said Phil Mastroianni. “It’s classic without being boring, and grabs consumers’ attention. Everyone who sees it tells me how much they love the packaging.”

For more information, visit https://www.berlinpackaging.com.

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