Efficient Labelling Solution for Egg Packs

Multivac Labeling SolutionsThanks to the use of full wrap labels, MULTIVAC is redefining the packaging of fresh eggs in boxes or plastic trays. MULTIVAC’s L 310 full wrap labeller not only makes egg packs highly attractive, but it also closes the packs with a secure seal.

Thanks to its L 310 conveyor belt labeller, MULTIVAC can now offer an efficient solution for labelling egg packs made of cardboard or plastic – a solution that provides added value in many respects.

The L 310, which has patented, servo-driven press-on brushes, reportedly makes automated C labelling and D labelling (as well as traditional top labelling) of packs possible at an output of up to 120 packs per minute. The maximum label width is up to 500 millimeters. It is possible to run packs with a base width of up to 250 millimeters and a height of 140 millimeters.

The labeller can be equipped with a zero-downtime function for even more efficiency and process reliability, as well as with an integrated printer and label/print monitoring at even the highest throughput.

If the L 310 is used for complete wrap-around labelling, the full wrap label automatically seals the egg box closed. For retailers and consumers this means, that the products cannot be exchanged or contaminated with viruses and bacteria, or that the packs cannot be used to hide stolen products.

Another benefit of full wrap labelling is its high level of flexibility, since label shape, material type and printing can be individually tailored to the pack. It is possible to run either film labels made of PP or PET for example, or alternatively more sustainable materials made from paper or renewable sources.

A perforation feature can be integrated into the label if required, so that the consumer can open the label more easily. It is also possible to have printing on the back of the label for additional consumer information.

For more information, visit https://multivac.com.

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