EDL Double Tight Wrap Bundler Securely Bundles Molded Pulp Fiber School Food Trays

In March EDL Packaging, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, shipped a Double Tight Wrap shrink bundler for molded pulp fiber beverage carriers and food trays to the world’s largest supplier of food packaging materials.

One of several EDL Packaging Double Tight Wrap bundlers used by this customer, the new bundler will be operating at a U.S. plant to supply bundled food trays to re-opening schools and beverage carriers in time for outdoor summer activities. This customer also is discussing a Double Tight Wrap bundler for egg carton wrapping in Mexico.

EDL Packaging’s Double Tight Wrap bundler is a line-integrated machine that collates horizontal stacks of incoming molded pulp fiber products into pre-defined quantities and applies two layers of protective low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film. A key feature is that finished bundles are totally enclosed in film, preventing intrusion by dust and moisture.

In the customer’s production set up, pulp fiber material runs through a press that forms the lunch tray or beverage carrier. Subsequently, the molded product is aggregated into 125 count stacks that are hand-placed into the Double Tight Wrap’s flighted dual infeed conveyor. Depending on the loaded PLC recipe, EDL Packaging’s machine then collates and advances either a single- or double-stacked package through the wrapper and heat tunnel.

The heat tunnel is designed to operate at low temperature, reportedly allowing the film to pull tight while protecting the pulp fiber material. Finished bundles are sent to institutional distributors serving food service and sporting venues.

Various versions of EDL Packaging’s Double Tight Wrap bundler are currently in use to wrap medical box kits, tapered plastic storage tubs, and bags of pet food – commonly 2-to 12-pound bags.

EDL Packaging Engineers, a Massman Company, manufactures an extensive line of shrink wrappers and shrink bundlers, corrugate tray formers and loaders, roll wrappers, automatic flight bar wrappers, and semi-automatic wrappers. EDL systems enable companies from small-sized operations to global brands to automate their wrapping operations and increase productivity.

For more information, visit https://www.edlpackaging.com.

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