Dynaric N-3400 and N3400A High Performance Strapping Machines

The all new automatic N-3400 and the fully-automatic N-3400A model strapping machines are simple to operate and highly reliable. Both machines incorporate many technological refinements that put them at the top of class of premium strappers available in the marketplace today.

The N-3400 and N-3400A incorporate new technology and design. Developed with Direct Access Technology (DAT,) that enables operators and maintenance personnel to access the strap path without any tools for easy cleaning and maintenance. The machines utilize energy saving 24VDC direct drive servo motors, eliminating the need for belts, clutches and solenoids. A unique strap feed and tension system eliminates wearing rubber rollers, and minimizes strap dusting in the strapping head. Strap sealing is accomplished with proven, time tested hot knife technology with a two year warranty on the sealing blade.

The N-3400 and N-3400A are truly Down Time Eliminators, improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. Machines are capable of using 5mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm plastic strapping which ensures the users of the capability to use the least expensive strapping for their packaging application.


Visit our website, www.dynaric.com, or call us at 1-800-526-0827 for further information and to arrange for a demonstration of the N-3400 or N-3400A.

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