Diagraph Announces Release of Resmark 5000, a High-resolution Inkjet Coder for End-of-line Packaging

The Diagraph ResMark 5000 with 2-inch Mark 2 and 4-inch Mark 4 print heads is the newest high-resolution coding printer for end-of-line packaging applications. It serves a variety of industries including food, beverage, building, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, automotive and industrial.

The ResMark 5000 was designed to serve customers in need of sharp high-resolution prints with the most forgiving of throw distances on secondary packaging and cases. The leading piezo print engine technology enables manufacturers to operate the printer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even in the harshest of industrial environments.

Ryan Williams, Diagraph Product Manager, said, “We believe the ResMark 5000 offers a remarkably intelligent solution for manufacturers looking for a simple, flexible, reliable and efficient inkjet coder at a lower cost of ownership over the life of the system. This new intelligent system was engineered to meet manufacturers’ coding requirements and provides best-in-class marks on end-of-line secondary packaging cases, cartons and tray packs.”

Features of the ResMark 5000 include its patented quick disconnect print head that can be brought online quicker, reducing production line disturbances and repairs while minimizing downtime. Because the system is independent of an HMI, it offers the ability to continue printing until a message change is required on a production line. Wireless connectivity of the ResMark 5000 is a standard feature of the print head. ResMark 5000 can be easily installed and allows a single production line to be daisy chained with up to eight Mark 2 and/or Mark 4 print heads. The streamlined design of the ResMark 5000 requires a minimal footprint on the production line.

Diagraph has also released ScanMark ink to work with ResMark 5000 and Diagraph’s legacy high resolution inkjet systems. The ScanMark ink cartridge for ResMark 5000 features a clean septum system that eliminates the dripping of ink when a bottle is removed from the print head and protects the print head from collecting debris when not in use. Smart chip technology built into the ScanMark ink bottles monitors ink status, usage and compatibility.

ResMark 5000 can be used with Diagraph’s NEXT software platform, including NEXTCreate which enables manufacturers to create and design messages on demand and send messages to print remotely. The NEXTControl platform provides flexibility to select messages and even configure print heads on any production line.

About Diagraph

For over 125 years, Diagraph Marking & Coding has been providing product identification solutions that make it easy for manufacturers to make the perfect mark – print after print after print – from technology pairing to comprehensive service support and beyond. With the 1893 invention of the revolutionary stencil cutting machine all the way to today’s high-speed inkjet coders and all-electric automated labelers, Diagraph focuses on partnering with customers in every aspect of their coding and labeling operations – providing a holistic approach that maximizes efficiencies for customers and drives tangible value throughout a long-term partnership. Diagraph is the longest established business in the product identification industry and has been a trusted leading manufacturer and distributor of product identification solutions for over 100 years.

For more information, visit www.diagraph.com.

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