ALLIEDFLEX and HDG Packaging Machinery Partner in North America

HDG Packaging Machinery and ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc. have entered into an exclusive North American sales, marketing and technical services agreement, and ALLIEDFLEX® is pleased to introduce the HDG RB Series HFFS, a rotary horizontal pouch form, fill and seal machinery program for packaging a variety of pouch and standup pouch packaging formats.

The HDG RB-200 is a compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches. This machine model is ideal for filling all HDG pouches types with the most varied of products and is available in five different capacity levels, including in stainless steel. This means that up to 240 pouches per minute and a format range of 40 x 40 mm to 200 x 400 mm can be realized, depending on the model selected. The HDG RB-200 is part of the HDG Premium line which is distinguished by both a high capacity and maximum flexibility with regard to different formats, pouch shapes and products.

The machinery has a compact rotary footprint and features remote diagnostics, Allen Bradley Controls and Rockwell Automation. Multi-up operating formats can be configured based upon specific package size range and output requirements, including:

  • Simplex (1 up) | Duplex (2 up)
  • Triplex (3 up) | Quadraplex (4 up)
  • 3 – 4-Sided Seal | Standup / Zipper
  • Contour Shape | Specialty Styles
  • Rapid Size & Pouch and Format Changeover Features
  • Recycle*Ready Capability with Mono Materials, PE/ PE, Paper
  • High Output, Precision Filling & Sealing

See the HDG RB-200 in action on YouTube at: 

About ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc.

ALLIEDFLEX® specializes in the supply of Flexible Packaging Machinery. Over the past 21 years we have provided hundreds of machines to our loyal customers who benefit from re-packaging their products in innovative Flexible Packaging, including the popular Standup Pouch. For more information, visit  or call + 1 (941) 923-1181.

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