VISAPIN: Visatac

VISAPIN label facilitates evidence of a fraudulent manipulation of information sent via mail and is a highly customizable solution adaptable to the needs of the issuing company. VISAPIN allows the issuing company to choose the size of the label that best suits its needs, as well as choose the text, color and logo of the company. In addition, the issuer only needs a laser printer to be able to print the PIN or secret message they want to send to clients from their own office, a fact that minimizes the possibility of the message being discovered during the production process.

“Needs and security demands have changed drastically in recent years. VISAPIN is the only market solution accredited in 2018 by the UK Finance with the maximum level of safety required by this association (Level 4 UKCA Standard 72), tested via optical, physical and chemical tests carried out in the laboratories of Smithers PIRA,” said Joan Vall, Visatac general manager.

Additionaly, under the VISATAC Partnership Program, the company presents VISAPIN Pack. “It’s a program designed to offer the best service to our customers through the annexation of companies that supply printing machines that can be used together with the VISAPIN solution, without reducing safety standards that not only depend on the VISAPIN complex, but also on the machinery used for the product’s own overprinting,” said Miquel Peñalba, Visatac export manager.

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