That’s Twisted: Corona Unveils Stackable Cans That Can Be Twisted Together

In the beverage industry, there have been many solutions offered to rid of the plastic six-pack rings used to package cans together.  Alternatives such as using adhesives to stick the cans together or finding new materials, more economically friendly materials, to use in place of plastic for the rings have been tested. Most recently however, Corona has unveiled an interesting new solution called Fit Packs which is the first-of-its-kind concept in the beverage industry presenting a simple approach to the market that can bring great financial and environmental benefits with the complete removal of plastic materials in its packaging.

stackable cansCorona Fit Packs are specially designed to allow cans to interlock together. Taking a “nuts and bolts” approach, each can is threaded on the top and bottom so that the top of one can, can be screwed into the bottom of another. Corona states that this system is strong enough to hold ten cans in a single column.

The Fit Pack design received international attention this week after being recognized at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. The Fit Packs are currently part of a pilot program in Corona’s home country of Mexico. If this new packaging design proves to be successful, it could eventually be rolled out to other markets as well, and possibly even spread to other brands as the latest innovation in can packaging.