TC Transcontinental Packaging Steals the Show for Sustainable Packaging at the 2019 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards

TC Transcontinental Packaging announced that it has won the entire Sustainable Packaging  category  at the 2019  PAC  Canadian  Leadership Awards with the  Harney  & Sons Fine  Teas  and   Les Aliments Jardi 100% recyclable packages with barrier. Once again, TC Transcontinental Packaging leads the way in sustainability and demonstrates its commitment to creating innovative eco-responsible solutions and packaging that sustains the earth.

Additionally, TC Transcontinental Packaging won a Silver award in the Rebrand, Food & Beverage category for the Diamond Brand Shelled Walnuts pouch as well as a Silver award in the Rebrand, Non Food category for its expertise in pre-press and structural design with the Golfgreen Nitrogrow pouch from Canadian Tire.

“We are thrilled to have our innovations recognized at the PAC Canadian Leadership Awards,” said Alex Hayden, senior vice president, R&D, innovation and sustainability, TC Transcontinental Packaging. “Our focus is to develop packaging solutions that meet our customers’ needs and are ahead of market trends. We collaborate with partners from across the plastic value chain and make sure to use a circular approach in every step of our product design, from sourcing to end-of-life. We are poised to continue developing industry leading sustainable packaging and to increase the amount of recycled plastics in our portfolio.”

More on the winning packages

The Harney & Sons Fine Teas and Les Aliments Jardi packages are both 100% recyclable, multilayer barrier stand-up pouch. They hit all notes: 100% recycle ready for in-store drop off, EVOH barrier for product preservation, seal strength, and durability. The  challenge with barrier films from a sustainability perspective is that it is not easily broken down and recycled, therefore hindering its reuse and contribution to positive environmental change. Dow’s RETAIN™ resin technology provides the solution to this concern by compatibilizing the barrier, thus allowing for a multilayer film to be fully recyclable and attain sustainability goals.

Diamond of California® pouch is a great innovation in terms of film structure and closure feature. The film needed to have improved barrier to protect the product and keep it flavorful and fresh. The upgraded film was thicker in gauge than the previous package allowing a better protection level to keep oxygen at bay and maintain product freshness. The other element to support freshness of the product was the zipper technology. The Fresh-Lock® Click ‘N Lock™ Sensory Zipper was added to the package and gives an audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing the package. It is a true innovation which elicits shopper confidence that the bag will properly reclose thus protecting their purchase’ freshness. Finally, the new stand-up pouch format lends itself to ideal shelf display at retail and provides consumer convenience as it is an easy-to-store, self-standing package at home.

Golfgreen Nitrogrow pouch is a true collaboration process between Canadian companies to create a unique look for the new Canadian Tire product and convey to consumers the premium aspects of the brand. The Transcontinental Premedia team made sure that the design was separated correctly before printing on foil, ensuring colour accuracy and optimizing the printed output.

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