New Data Reveals Consumers Increasingly Choose Products in Sustainable Packaging

Despite rising prices, consumers are increasingly choosing products in sustainable packaging according to a global study. The study found:

  • 82%of consumers across age demographics showed a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging, up 4 points from 2022, and 8 points since 2021
  • 90% of Gen-Z consumers showed a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging 
  • 80% of consumers said they would be interested in buying products that come in refillable packaging to reduce their environmental impact
  • 71%of consumers have chosen a product in the last six months based on its sustainability credentials

The new data from Trivium Packaging reveals that demand for products in sustainable packaging continues to increase with more environmentally-minded consumers than ever before.

The 2023 Buying Green Report shows that despite consumer prices rising substantially due to global inflation, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products in sustainable packaging. 82% of respondents overall would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, up four points from 2022, and eight points since 2021, signaling that even with a worsening economic situation, the environment remains a consumer priority. Younger consumers (18–24 year-olds) are even more willing, leading at 90%.

Consumers now consider the impact their purchases have on the environment, and the majority already have incorporated sustainable practices in their daily lives:

Two-thirds of consumers consider themselves environmentally aware. Up six points from last year’s survey and 63% of consumers are now less likely to buy products with packaging that is harmful to the environment.

And their intentions are reflected in their actions: 71% already engage in reusable and refillable activities (and 80% are interested in buying refillable packaging products to reduce their environmental impact), while over half engage in reducing food and packaging waste.

Narrowing in on sustainable packaging specifically, 71% of consumers are actively choosing products due to the sustainability factor of the product packaging. Interest in purchasing products in sustainable packaging has increased since 2022, especially among younger consumers and high earners. But while 59% look for information on the label about recycling and sustainability, 46% say the biggest barrier to purchase was unclear labeling on packaging.

The 2023 Buying Green Report is based on a survey of more than 9,000 consumers across Europe, North America, and South America exploring participants’ values and behaviors related to sustainable packaging amid a changing world. The fourth annual report provides insight into consumer trends globally, and by age, income, and region.

To download the full report and review a more detailed report specific to each region surveyed, visit

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