Continuous Quality Control Reduces Production Costs for Printed Corrugated Board

DS Smith, one of the world’s leading suppliers of corrugated packaging, focuses on developing and producing sustainable packaging solutions in 37 countries.

On the Mitsubishi EVOL100 production line, newly installed at the production facility in Mannheim, DS Smith produces various types of boxes and trays for food, technical products and hygiene items. These are then printed using flexographic printing.

The CartonSTAR inspection system is reportedly well-liked among the machine operators in Mannheim, and could be due to the two-camera solution with high-performance backline LED lighting. The system could be most beneficial to users directly on the machine, as the complete inspection of the printed images significantly minimizes the risk of defective printing.

The monitoring of the printed image could reduce the number of complaints enormously. Even single defective sheets with errors in the printed image are reliably detected and removed before further processing. The system is reportedly capable of “ignoring” the inhomogeneous surface structure of the corrugated board while still reliably identifying all quality-related defects – even at maximum speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour.

“This feature allows relevant and non-relevant defects to be detected, thereby making a crucial contribution to the commercial success of the CartonSTAR system. The fact that the classification can be conducted quickly and easily in line with the customer’s needs increases the productivity of the printing process significantly. The advantages of using the inspection system can thus be clearly measured in improved productivity and the falling cost of complaints,” said Daniel Malolepszy, head of production, DS Smith.

By documenting all incidents, the inspection system also enables verifiable quality management. For the user, CartonSTAR is an “absolutely well-conceived system.” A further benefit is the excellent experience with ISRA’s service staff.

With the ISRA inspection solution, DS Smith has increased the quality of its products, permanently reduced product costs, and ensured that resources are used sustainably. Also ensuring complete process control, the system strengthens the company’s market position and secures a crucial competitive advantage.

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