PTI to Present at Sustainability in Packaging Conference

A new approach to packaging sustainability is scheduled to be presented by Thierry Fabozzi, president and chief executive officer of PTI, at the Sustainability in Packaging Conference 2019, March 4-6, Swisshotel Chicago.

Fabozzi will be challenging common packaging sustainability initiatives, while calling attention to the low collection rate of post-consumer waste in the U.S.

“Instead of looking to create new sustainability initiatives, we should focus on increasing collection rates in order to capitalize on the recycling infrastructure already in place,” Fabozzi said.

In his presentation, Fabozzi will also address the current state of PET recycling and how prevailing sustainability initiatives may be negatively impacting those efforts.

“Another important part of the discussion is the availability and challenges of using post-consumer recycled plastics in food contact packaging. Central to the discussion is the evolution of technology, as well as the FDA’s perspective on the use of post-consumer recycled content in food contact packaging,” said Fabozzi.

Sustainability in Packaging, is produced by Smithers Pira. The three-day, 2019 program will feature four keynote presentations, two tracks, 25-plus presentations, and almost 40 expert speakers who are working to move the needle in sustainable packaging.

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