Pregis’ Sharp Poly Bags Receive Approval for How2Recycle Program Labeling

Mailer BagsPregis is expanding its offering of products that include How2Recycle labels. These consumer-friendly directions alleviate recycling confusion and increase the amount of material recovered through the waste stream.

The latest addition to the How2Recycle program are poly bags marketed under the Sharp Packaging by Pregis brand. These versatile polyethylene-based film bags come in a variety of options including mailer bags that are frequently used in e-commerce applications to package clothing.

Sharp poly bags will be printed with How2Recycle’s “Plastic Bag Store Drop-Off” label. This means consumers can place their used packaging in collection bins located at stores that participate in the program, regardless of where the materials originated.  A few of the well-known participating retailers include Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Whole Foods Market. The label also includes How2Recycle’s website address where consumers can type in their zip code to find nearby stores that will accept the material.

Further, Sharp bagging systems direct print shipping information onto poly bags, eliminates the need for consumers to remove a paper label. This single material package simplifies the recycling process and encourages higher consumer engagement.

“Many consumers continue to be confused about how to recycle certain materials. Participating in the How2Recycle program, is a way to provide clear instructions regarding disposal. The goal is to reduce consumer confusion and increase the amount of material that can be reclaimed and used in new lifecycle applications,” said Micah McDowell, vice president of sales, Sharp Packaging by Pregis.

The company previously announced that it would be printing a How2Recycle label on its low-density polyethylene EP-Flex™ film which is made into air pillows and widely used in e-commerce applications as void-fill.

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