LS-6101 Fast-Dry, Solvent-Based Ink for Semi- and Non-Porous Materials : Matthews Marking Systems

Matthews Marking Systems, a manufacturer of marking and coding products, announced LS-6101, a fast-dry, solvent-based ink developed specifically for thermal ink jet (TIJ) print technologies in single-use cartridges.

LS-6101 provides advantages to manufacturers, including a 1-2 second dry time and excellent substrate adhesion on semi-porous materials including coated stock, ceramics and wood. LS-6101 also dries quickly on non-porous materials, such as PVC, PETE, nylon, steel and rubber. With an open time of 24-72 hours in a majority of manufacturing environments, the LS-6101boasts decreased maintenance and easier production line startup.

Utilizing a solvent-resistant bladder cartridge, the LS-6101 extends cartridge shelf life up to seven months when stored at room temperature, and up to 12 months in refrigerated storage.

“In addition to wanting to create a very user-friendly ink, operator safety was at the forefront of development. As global safety organizations continue to identify potential exposure threats to worker safety, LS-6101 was specifically formulated to limit certain organic solvents to ensure compliance with the toughest regulations,” said Raymond Fortuna, technical product manager. “This development program is a prime example of how Matthews Marking strives for innovation and continued improvement in an ever-shifting regulatory environment.”

The L-Series ink cartridge, which utilizes more print nozzles for a high-speed, high-resolution (up to 600 dpi) mark, meets the needs of consumer packaged goods companies looking to maintain or improve fast production speeds while enhancing mark quality. Compared to continuous ink jet (CIJ) marking, the VIAjet™ L-Series thermal ink jet print heads are a cleaner, more versatile coding method, allowing for high-resolution graphics and stitched print heads for larger marks.The VIAjet™ L-Series is controlled by the MPERIA® platform, which enables complete management of enterprise marking and coding operations.

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