Schreiner PrinTrust Supplies RFID-enabled Labels for Physical Assets Management Solution

Schreiner PrinTrust, a developer of customized RFID solutions and security labels for system and service providers with a focus on identification and authentication solutions, is supplying RFID-enabled films for seventhings, a Germany-based company whose software system seamlessly manages physical assets. Among other potential applications, the time- and resource-saving tool helps large organizations keep exacting inventory of furniture, technology and other assets, improving business efficiencies and preventing redundant intrafrstructure investments.

With the ability to localize and earmark objects, the cloud-driven, subscription-based physical assets management software has since been adopted by several organizations, including universities, insurance companies, local chambers of commerce, and business institutions.

The collaboration between Schreiner PrinTrust and seventhings began with a small-scale project in 2018. One of seventhings’ clients was seeking an RFID assets management solution capable of working reliably in outside elements, and with adequate reading range even on metal objects. The solution involved Schreiner PrinTrust’s RFID-DistaFerr labels – and led to an ongoing partnership.

Moving forward, seventhings intends to evolve its physical asset management platform to further its customers’ sustainability goals. The objective is to make it easier for companies to return physical assets than dispose of them. As a result, physical assets not only become smart but also sustainably managed.

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About Schreiner PrinTrust

Schreiner PrinTrust’s portfolio is focused on customized self-adhesion products and services for PIN protection, NFC-Stickers for contactless payment, RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification, as well as products such as vignettes, stickers and transfer seals serving as proof of payment of official fees or as access authorization.

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