Squid Ink Announces Addition of SI-PZ8001 UV LED Red Ink

SI-PZ8001 is formulated for printing on a variety of non-porous surfaces such as plastic and more

Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc. announced the addition of SI-PZ8001 UV LED Red ink to the Squid Ink fluids family.  UV LED curable red ink is approved for use in current Squid Ink CoPilot, CoPilot 128, and CoPilot 256 printing systems and used in conjunction with the Squid UV LED Curing System.

SI-PZ8001 is scarlet red in color and has been formulated for printing on a variety of non-porous surfaces such as coated corrugate, plastic, glass, metal and more. It performs well on PVC, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS type plastics as well.

UV LED Series Inks are available in 200ml cartridges and 500ml opaque bags.

Squid Ink’s UV LED series inks feature near immediate cure times and are specifically designed for printing on non-porous substrates. This series inks do not cure without assistance of UV light and require minimal maintenance, resulting in an ideal solution for manufactures looking to mark their non-porous products.  SI-PZ8001 also has superior lightfast properties to reduce fading over time.  Designed for permanent marking, SI-PZ8001 provides excellent rub resistance perfect for most non-porous applications.

Users now have three color choices for UV LED curing applications – black, red and opaque white. Squid Ink UV LED inks are available in 200ml cartridges and 500ml opaque bags. All Squid Ink fluid containers are designed to provide near 100 percent ink utilization.

For more information, visit www.squidink.com.

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