Domino Digital Printing Launches UV95 Food Packaging Compliant Ink Set

Domino Digital Printing Solutions launched its new seven color UV95 food packaging compliant digital ink set. In the video link below, watch Louise Adcock, Domino’s N-Series product manager, walk viewers through a demonstration of this ink set on Domino’s N610i digital ink jet label press.


Louise highlights the key features and benefits of this modular, roll-to-roll label press as it prints a range of vibrant soup and gin labels, seamlessly changing SKUs at 50m/min. She explains how Domino’s double bar white has the capability to print a silk-screen like finish with over 70 percent opacity, which many of their customers use as an alternative to silk-screen printing. This high opacity white ink also enables unique textured labels to be printed, without the need to invest in expensive textured substrates.

UV95 is compliant with EuPIA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), with all materials used listed on the Swiss Ordinance for Food Packaging Inks and it has been developed in line with Nestlé’s guidance on Food Packaging Inks and is fully compliant with the EuPIA exclusion policy. Most importantly, it is a non-CMR ink set and subject to migration status, can comply with the
European Union Plastic Materials and Articles intended to be in contact with Food Regulation.

In the video, Louise dispels the myth about ‘low migration’ inks, and explains the difference between absolute and functional barriers emphasising the necessity for conducting migration testing in all food packaging applications where an absolute barrier is not in place.

UV95 does not compromise reliability or other mechanical properties, and provides excellent adhesion properties and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for industrial applications, as can be seen on the car wash labels being printed towards the end of the video.

Louise concludes, “At Domino, consumer safety and compliance is at the heart of our organisation. We are one of the few digital ink jet printer manufacturers with the capabilities to design, develop and manufacture our own range of inks. The release of UV95 demonstrates our ability to provide customers with a reliable, robust and compliant ink set.”

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