Sapir Plastics Announces New Patent for Defender Wrap, a Stretch Film that Eliminates 99% of Bacteria and Viruses

Afula, Israel – December 2023 – Sapir Plastics Industries, a leading manufacturer of stretch films and industrial packages, has announced a new patent for Defender Wrap, a stretch film that contains an anti-bacterial component that destroys bacteria and viruses that come into contact with it.

Defender Wrap is a strong and particularly durable stretch film that can be used for wrapping and fixing goods in various industries, such as transportation, supply chain, logistics, health care, security, and food. Unlike the conventional stretch film, Defender Wrap ensures that the wrapped goods will not be part of the Covid 19 or any other virus distribution chain, as it eliminates more than 99% of the bacteria and viruses that touch it in no time.

The product development is now complete and laboratory tests have confirmed the effectiveness of Defender Wrap against various pathogens, including the novel coronavirus. The anti-bacterial component is non-toxic to humans and does not affect the quality or appearance of the goods.

Sapir Plastics Industries has also proven itself to be a leader in innovation and sustainability, as it sets the bar high with up to 95% recycled content in the stretch films.

“We are proud to introduce Defender Wrap, a revolutionary product that can help protect the health and safety of our customers and their end-users, especially in these challenging times. Defender Wrap is the result of our continuous research and development efforts, as well as our commitment to environmental responsibility and social contribution,” said Mr. Sapir, the CEO of Sapir Plastics Industries.

Defender Wrap is available in various thicknesses, weights, colours, and widths, and can be customized according to the customer’s needs and specifications. For more information and orders, please visit Sapir Plastics website or contact per email:

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