Electric Hot Melt Applicators Bring Extended Life to Pneumatic Packaging Applications

Baumer hhs (baumerhhs.com) has introduced tesla, an electrically-operated hot melt dispensing applicator to the North American packaging market. tesla brings new opportunities to packaging customer due to its unmatched service life and performance. The estimated 1 billion cycle life, and cycle times of as little as 7 ms are all achieved using a standard 24VDC signal from a PLC or existing pattern controller.

Where electric guns have previously been shut out of the packaging market due to viscous packaging adhesives or additional expenses due to their need of a spike driver, the tesla gun now opens that door. Martin Kotecki, Technical Sales Manager – Packaging for the company’s end of line business says, “The tesla hot melt applicator is a result of years of experience gathered from hhs electric gun technology used in paper converting and cigarette packaging markets, and using it to create a practical and valuable product for our packaging customers. Their critical need for machine uptime has benefited from tesla’s extended module service life, cleaner running, and elimination of compressed air.” Tesla has the capability to stitch or dot a hot melt adhesive bead providing additional cost savings to customers without severely impacting the life of their module as compared to a pneumatically-activated hot melt dispensing applicator.

The tesla hot melt dispensing gun is available in three versions: tesla highspeed for use with hhs pattern controllers for applications requiring cycle times less than 2 ms, tesla red for use with hhs Xmelt hot melt systems, and tesla blue for use with non-hhs hot melt systems. All three versions provide packaging customers with ways to enjoy the benefits of the tesla product line. All versions sport a plastic cover to help protect operators from incidental contact, but can remove it to take advantage of the slim 25 mm profile. As tesla does not use air to operate, it is much quieter with a 30 DB rating below a comparable pneumatically-activated hot melt valve.