Rotzinger Develops Innovative Adaptive Packaging Machine Enabled by CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Solution

Rotzinger, a leading provider of packaging & cosmetics machinery solutions, and CoreTigo, a provider of Industrial Wireless Automation solutions, are excited to announce their partnership and collaboration. CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless products and technology have been integrated into Rotzinger’s advanced packaging machinery, resulting in new and advanced capabilities that are driving maximum flexibility, throughput and sustainability.

Rotzinger, a Swiss group of companies, with a mission to continuously optimize product flow for its customers, offers first-class solutions, services and software for a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals & cosmetics and food & beverage. Rotzinger was asked by a leading food manufacturer to develop an adaptive secondary food packaging machine that meets very high demands of throughput along with the ability to support multiple package and product variations, all on a single machine. The machine is based on a multi-carrier smart conveyer system which requires doing actions on products while in constant high-speed motion. Cables were not a possible option for such a complex and high-speed task, nor were conventional wireless solutions. By utilizing CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless based products which were designed specifically for wireless control and monitoring in factory automation, Rotzinger could now
wirelessly control grippers on the movers without needing additional external robots, cables or other types of equipment.

This innovative machine design results in reduced changeover time, machine footprint reduction, maximum capacity, and full flexibility to support multiple product and package types. These ultimately result in greater sustainability, as less energy, space and parts need to be used within a machine. The number of machines decreases as well, since this allows for one machine to handle various products and package designs. An example of this machine in action and the benefits gained from the collaboration of Rotzinger and CoreTigo can be found in this video:

“We are delighted to partner with CoreTigo and to integrate their IO-Link Wireless products and technology into our advanced packaging machinery.” States Andreas Graf, Rotzinger PharmaPack CEO, “This partnership has allowed us to provide our customers with even more advanced capabilities and benefits, resulting in adaptivity, increased productivity, and sustainability.”

“Rotzinger is a leading company in the packaging machinery industry, and we are proud to have our IO-Link Wireless technology be part of their innovative machinery.” Says Eran Zigman, CoreTigo CEO. “The collaboration between CoreTigo and Rotzinger is a perfect example of how technology can be leveraged to meet the evolving needs of the industry.”

Partnerships and developments such as demonstrated by Rotzinger and CoreTigo are creating a fully connected ecosystem that enables real-time control and monitoring at any stage of the manufacturing process. Machines and production lines are enabled with more flexibility and an optimized design to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Such a packaging machine with IO-Link Wireless is breaking barriers that exist today with machine communication, and enabling solutions and designs that were not possible before.

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