Hunter Luxury partners with Joonbyrd to ‘reimagine wellness’

Packaging for a new Joonbyrd body care line melds the contrasting textures of glass and silicone, creating a unique tactile experience for its bottles and jars. Image courtesy of Hunter Luxury.

Hunter Luxury has partnered with disruptive skincare experts Joonbyrd in the development and launch of its debut range of opulent body care products.

Founded by Dr Alexis Granite, one of the world’s leading dermatologists with a glittering twenty-year international career, Joonbyrd’s arrival is set to make a splash in the skincare sector thanks to its uniquely joyful brand identity – an identity captured in the sensorially playful supportive primary packaging developed by primary supplier Hunter Luxury.

The core collection of intelligent and joyful luxury body care heroes, alongside refills, body tools and lifestyle accessories launching this summer, focuses on the sensorial aspects of body care through packaging design, product textures and fragrances. The products intend to deliver elevated self-care rituals and mind-body connection alongside clinically proven results.

“The Joonbyrd experience flies in the face of what you expect from a skincare brand,” said Pippa Bell, Head of Beauty at Hunter Luxury. “Capturing that meant really getting under the skin of our customer – no pun intended – and working hand-in-hand with them every step of the way, from concept to creation.

“As this is the brand’s launch, we had to go the extra mile to make a huge first impression. We aimed to perfectly crystallise what this brand is about, making it clear to consumers at first glance even if they aren’t familiar with the name Joonbyrd yet.”

To replicate the combination of contrasting elements that make up the Joonbyrd brand, Hunter Luxury developed a range of soft-touch silicone sleeves, colored in bright pastel hues and embossed with patterns based on the Joonbyrd logo. The sleeves were precisely crafted to contrast with the colours and complement the texture of the glass containers, resulting in a final product that feels as good as it looks.

The brand-new range melds the contrasting textures of glass and silicone to create a unique tactile experience for its bottles and jars. Hunter Luxury also created an exquisite, zippered gift set and an extravagant chest containing PR kits sent to select media outlets to mark Joonbyrd’s arrival in the skincare market.

“At the heart of Joonbyrd is joy, so we set out to create entirely unique and uplifting packaging that touches the senses through shape, colour and texture,” said Dr Alexis Granite. “We looked to a variety of industries for inspiration, from food to fragrance to fashion, for packs that would capture attention, bringing that hit of happiness on the shelf.

“Equally, we sought to work with materials that were sturdy enough to be reused and refilled many times over. Joonbyrd was drawn to silicone and glass in particular as they offered an opportunity to create a highly sensorial soft touch finish, with soft bends and curves that are both visually pleasing and tactile. We loved the idea of creating a brand pattern that was instantly recognisable within the silicone, embedding each product with a “hidden” logo. Hunter Luxury truly helped Joonbyrd realise its joyful vision, bringing to life our candy-coloured silicone, and we are so excited for what’s to come.”

With a debut launch comprising its Daydreamer Body Serum, Violet Haze Body Scrub, Sunday Sofa Body Butter, Moon Swim Body Wash, and Little Love Body Lotion, Joonbyrd redefines everything that consumers have come to expect from dermatologist-led brands.

To bring your beauty brand to life, please get in touch with Pippa Bell, Head of Beauty at Hunter Luxury, at

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