Johanna Companies Partners with Evergreen Packaging to Introduce Tree Ripe Juices in SmartPak Cartons

Evergreen Packaging announced that Johanna Companies is the first customer to utilize its innovative SmartPak Cartons for their Tree Ripe product line. SmartPak Cartons feature a sleek design that is not only easier for consumers of all ages to handle, but also optimizes space on retail shelves, allowing retailers to stock more products across each shelf.

“We are thrilled to partner with Johanna Companies to offer Tree Ripe juices in our SmartPak Cartons,” said DeWitt Clark, Evergreen Packaging vice president, North American packaging sales. “These cartons offer industry-leading shelf efficiencies, a key advantage for brands – especially private label brands – to increase visibility in stores. SmartPak cartons meet rising consumer demand for sustainable packaging and offer excellent transportation and storage efficiencies.”

In addition to shelf space optimization, SmartPak Cartons benefit retailers by:

  • Promoting shelf turn;
  • Offering flexibility for pricing and promotional activity; and
  • Providing high definition process print graphics to create a bold shelf presence and differentiate store brands.

“Johanna Companies is making a concerted effort to provide product options to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer,” said Karen Prongay, Johanna’s director of marketing. “The ergonomic design makes SmartPak cartons easier to handle, its sleek profile stores in the refrigerator efficiently and it is made from sustainable materials demanded by our Tree Ripe customers and their families.”

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