Terphane Antifog Films Improve the Appearance & Hygiene of Your Product

Terphane responded to increasing requirements for consumer convenience, packing efficiency, extended shelf life and food safety, by reportedly making its films provide the fresh appearance and safety demanded by today’s consumers.

Terphane stated that it combats fogging by incorporating safe ingredients into the film. When the moisture in the package condenses onto the film’s surface, the antifog film merges the moisture into a transparent window. This allows a clear and crisp view of the product. Utilizing its antifog film improves the visibility of the food product. A better view of the product connotes freshness and has greater appeal to consumers.

Terphane offers many grades of antifog treated films. Whether you are looking for an anti-fog film with an easy-peel heat seal, or a weldable heat seal, try its films:

Sealphane® 10.63CTAF is designed to seal to APET trays, packaging fresh produce or other refrigerated products. Trays lidded with Sealphane 10.63CTAF have high clarity, reduced fogging, and are easy to peel open for the consumer, yet still offer tamper evidence.

Terphane’s Sealphane 10.94TAF are designed to be used in flow wrapper packs, SUP pouches, or weld sealed when lidding APET trays. The strong weld seal allows for heavy products to be packed in the pouch and provides tamper evidence when using it to lid trays.

Terphane’s antifog products could have equivalent heat sealability to other non-anti fog films while providing high clarity. This is due to its reportedly state-of-the-art coextrusion technology versus traditional post- extrusion chemical coatings for the antifog agent. Terphane’s innovative process eliminates potential skips in the coating process and the need for the costly production step of solvent utilization.

For more information, visit https://www.terphane.com/en/.

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