Paxton’s Ionized Air Rinser Vac Improves Quality of Dairy Cups and Snack Trays

Paxton Products announced a major step forward in dairy cup and snack tray quality with the release of the Paxton Ionized Air Rinser Vac System. The Ionized Air Rinser Vac offers food and dairy packagers an effective and cost-efficient solution for removing debris — that often comes from secondary packaging — from the containers prior to filling.

Unlike other air rinsing systems, the Ionized Air Rinser Vac cleans the containers effectively without inversion of the containers. Ionized air dislodges the debris from the inner side walls and bottom surfaces as well as the outer surfaces of the containers, eliminating the static that causes the debris to adhere to the surfaces. A powerful vacuum then removes the debris from the containers.

Paxton’s Ionized Air Rinser Vac System ensures that the packaged product is of the highest quality by removing dust and particulates that are present in even the cleanest food packaging environments, and are often introduced through secondary packaging. Designed working with a Fortune 500 food manufacturer, each air delivery and vacuum device is custom-engineered based on your product geometry and line speeds, and uses patented technology to maximize cleaning, while reducing maintenance.

The Rinser Vac’s air rinsing is powered by an ultra-high efficiency Paxton PX blower. The PX-series blowers are 33 percent more efficient than previous generation centrifugal blowers, and carry a full three year warranty.

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