Accumulate, Single File, Rinse, Invert, Revert, Grip, Incline and Accumulate Again? What?!

… all in an incredibly small footprint.

Multi-Conveyor recently built a stainless steel wash down constructed conveyor system for cans and cups of food product. The conveyors transport empty cans through processes of air rinse cleaner; invert and revert; filler; check-weigher; x-ray (not shown).

We focus on the next section where product then travels through a liquid rinse; air dry and inverts again. From this point, cans transport through two 90-degree curves, a gripper incline, then onto an upper level reflow accumulation table.

Shown in this video, the S-shaped incline gently grips individual units and elevates them to over 5’ in an incredibly small footprint. Products are gripped gently by the pair of side-by-side parallel conveyors that use neoprene gripper bulb chains to control product, delivering it to an elevated accumulation table. The upper accumulation table allows product to recirculate until it is manually removed by operators for insertion into a retort basket.

A manually operated gate was also installed, prior to the gripper, allowing the customer to reroute product onto a secondary portable line. This section is attached with simple pin-pull and is used to feed a separate recirculating reflow accumulation table upstream of a secondary retort.

Reflow accumulation continually recirculates product until each can or tub is gently guided, to an operator for manual removal.  In general, accumulation conveyors provide a means to temporarily store product, allowing additional time or distance ahead of a downstream operation.

Multi-Conveyor designs and builds Alpine, Uni-Directional, Bi-Directional, In-Line, Mass flow, Reflow, Single file, Multi-Lane, Serpentine, Drum Spiral and Rotary accumulators, along with their associated infeed and discharge systems, to meet your rate and capacity specifications.

See even more accumulation videos or gripper inclines by visiting our website video gallery at

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Multi-Conveyor is a leading manufacturer of both pre-engineered standard and uniquely designed custom conveyor solutions for CPGs, End-Users, Integrators, Engineering firms, Automation/Robotics, AI, OEM’s and Contract Packagers across multiple markets. Our products are multiple and unique. No single conveyor product defines Multi-Conveyor. We specialize in conveyor systems for packaging or material handling for nearly every industry, product, shape and size. Our customers report they select Multi-Conveyor for concept/design, engineering skills, quality product and best value.

Watch this brief video to see the system in action:

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