Esko | Brand Solutions: Preparing Brands for Agile Working Anytime, Anywhere

Esko | Brand Solutions, a global supplier of integrated software for the packaging, labels, artwork, and other branded materials, is supporting brand teams looking to recapture market share while negotiating remote working and fragmented supply chain environments.

The business is reportedly focused on solving the workflow and asset management challenges faced by brands today with two proven web-based tools: WebCenter, a powerful, secure, cloud-based packaging management and collaboration platform, and MediaBeacon, a digital asset management (DAM) system for images, videos and other digital files.

“Our web-based project management system eliminates all the common problems for teams collaborating on project delivery, from ideation to marketing,” said Matthew Haws, global marketing director, Esko | Brand Solutions. “But what resonates with users today is whether they’re working in-house, from home, remotely or a mixture of all scenarios, they can do so with confidence that our solutions are easily-accessible and available at all times.”

WebCenter reportedly manages all aspects of preproduction specification, approval and project lifecycle to remove the bottlenecks that are most associated with the packaging design to production process.

Complex review and approval pathways are reportedly up to 3 times faster with revisions reduced by 60 percent. Errors due to multiple amends and project deadline pressures could be minimized with up to 50 percent lead time reductions being achieved on packaging creation.

When used in conjunction with the flexible platform, MediaBeacon, cross-functional teams have access to all common digital assets such as image, video, audio and 3D files and could easily feed and retrieve these files to and from other systems. The Software as a Service (Saas) DAM system is welcomed by users for simply making it easy to find and repurpose assets.

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