Pinnacle Packaging Debuts New Website

Pinnacle Packaging, a Chicagoland-based distributor of packaging, shipping and industrial supplies to companies throughout North America, recently unveiled a new website reflecting a new look and change in ownership.

“This website will give my current and future clients the ability to get to know who we are,” said Nicole DeJoris, presidet of Pinnacle Packaging. “I think that’s very important. I feel the current design will bring us into the present.

“We’re here to help eCommerce businesses grow as well.” My manufacturing clients are also trying to launch product lines that they could sell both products online as well. Currently, most of my clients place orders with me because we don’t have the capability for them to go online and place an order like on Amazon. It’s all either via email or over the phone or in person. In the near future, I want to cater to the eCommerce type of business.”

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