PACT Sees Increased Demand for Patented Corrugated Crates

PACT, LLC, an innovator of packaging and crating technologies, has experienced an uptick in demand for a corrugated crate the company provides for customers shipping large and often fragile items. PACT’s patented J-Crates are customized corrugated crating solutions that offer a bevy of benefits including reduced shipping costs, maximization of warehousing space, and increased sustainability. whereat a time when bulk shipments and just-in-time deliveries are surging due to increases in home-delivery orders, PACT’s customized, lightweight J-Crates offer a dependable, cost-effective solution.

The J-Crate concept is simple: rather than the typical all-wood crate typically used to transport large items, PACT’s solution comprises a wooden base surrounded by sturdy yet pliable corrugated material. The lightweight shipper saves on transport costs and, since it can collapse to be barely wider than the base wood component, takes up exponentially less space than standard crates. Moreover, many countries charge fees for disposing of conventional wooden crates upon item delivery; J-Crates eliminate this cost as the materials can be recycled, repurposed and reused several times over.

Crucially, J-Crates do not sacrifice product protection. The corrugated containers have been proven to keep even the most fragile items secure during transport, as the structure can withstand 4,000 lbs of pressure (the same amount as a standard wooden pallet). In addition to the J-Crate’s inherent sturdiness, its corrugated material is a better shock absorber than wood, meaning J-Crates diminish the sort of vibration-related damage that can result from the jostles and jolts packages frequently endure throughout the supply chain.

Lean manufacturing is another consideration driving increased demand for J-Crates as companies look to reduce labor costs associated with crate construction – a factor addressed by the corrugated crate’s simple fold-out process that can be customized to the size and shape of individual products.

“During this pandemic, many of our customers are feeling the strain on their shipping efforts due to the significant uptick in e-commerce orders, as well as the unpredictability of the supply chain right now. Many are reaching out to us with quick turnaround time for lightweight custom product shipping solutions.” said Rodger Mort, President of PACT, LLC. “We’re grateful to meet our customers’ needs, especially for those shipping ventilators and other life-saving medical devices.”

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