New E-Commerce Software Aims to Disrupt the Packaging Industry

Trinity Packaging Supply (Trinity) launched its new e-commerce website, powered by SupplyStream, which aggregates hundreds of supplier catalogs into one main storefront. This online storefront offers packaging’s largest catalog of 80,000+ custom and stock products with next-day delivery and low pricing. Just as Airbnb and Uber changed the hospitality and transportation industries, this first-of-its-kind software is disrupting the $200 billion packaging industry.

“Data is broken in the wholesale packaging industry; for example, if the suppliers have their entire catalog listed and priced out, the specifications could either be listed in the metric or imperial system, depending on the supplier, even if it’s the exact same product specification,” said Trinity Packaging Supply’s Founder and CEO, Anthony Magaraci. By standardizing this data to read the same way per specification and leveraging suppliers’ drop-ship policies, Trinity’s new e-commerce site algorithmically finds the best prices for packaging, janitorial, sanitation, and office supplies with next-day delivery for buyers across North America without needing to put capital into inventory, warehousing, or distribution. Through technology and data, Trinity’s e-commerce catalog is breaking down the packaging industry’s historically high barriers to entry, allowing Trinity to compete directly with the only other national supplier of packaging supplies with an e-commerce catalog.

The best inventions are born out of necessity. Since the software needed didn’t exist, Trinity created SupplyStream, a custom product information management system (PIM) featuring a Shopify-style e-commerce storefront and an enterprise resource planning (ERP)-style management system for suppliers to track orders. SupplyStream features include:

  • SupplyFront: A plug-and-play front-end storefront application that creates one-click e-commerce sites
  • SideStream: A proprietary centralized management system that helps suppliers grow sales
  • SupplierPortal: A one-stop platform connecting the marketplace and suppliers, the first of its kind in the wholesale industry
  • SupplyStream: Provides valuable insights on pricing, missed orders, and industry reports

While Trinity currently uses SupplyStream for the packaging industry, it is built to transcend verticals and power other wholesale businesses in different industries by allowing suppliers to upload their catalogs and boost their sales through SupplyStream’s “one-click” new storefront feature. SupplyStream is an alternative to Amazon’s “Seller’s Central” and offers a storefront that can compete directly with Amazon.

“When I started Trinity from my home office in 2010, I found that the process of understanding the pricing per market for packaging supplies was inefficient. It would take me days to get quotes on wholesale products, waiting for reps to call me back with their best pricing for different regions. I knew this data already existed, but it would take so long to get this data from them. I figured if I could get that information and standardize what everyone called those same supplies across the country, I could create an e-commerce platform that finds any wholesale product at the best prices and quickest lead times,” said Magaraci. “Through SupplyStream, Trinity is providing companies with pricing and shipping data that empowers them to make decisions in an instant instead of days or months. The speed of business is the fastest that it’s ever been, and I don’t see it going backward. We’re here to help make it even faster.”

Trinity quickly became the premiere wholesale source of pallets and packaging supplies for manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies across North America. After sustained hyper-growth and doubling revenue every two years since launching, Trinity is now a $100 million business. It is a seven-time Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America winner, a four-time Inc. Best Places to Work in America winner, and one of America’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023 by Fortune Magazine.

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